Edmund Hung

Deploying Remix app on Cloudflare Workers

One of the core features about Remix is to allow deploying your app anywhere. The Remix team maintains several adapters for platforms such as Vercel, Architect, Netlify and also Cloudflare Workers.

The official adapter for Cloudflare Workers is not ready yet at the time this article is written. We will be showing you how to do it with minimal patches using remix-worker-template here.


If you are new to Cloudflare Workers, be sure to signup first. No custom domain nor credit card is required. A default workers.dev domain will be set with a free plan available.

The environment should be set with node 14+. You should also set up the remix license following the instructions on the dashboard.

Set it up

To begin, create a new repository using the remix-worker-template and clone it to your computer. Install all the packages required by running:

npm install

The next step is to setup the wrangler cli. Wrangler is an official tool from Cloudflare for managing your workers. It should be installed together in the previous step. Authenticate the cli using:

npx wrangler login

This will open the Cloudflare account login page. Click Authorize Wrangler and it is set.

Before deploying...

The workers environment is somehow tricky and is hard to verify locally. It is strongly suggest to test it first using the preview service before deploying:

npx wrangler preview

This will deploy your Remix app to a production-alike environment on Cloudflare. Be aware that usages on this environment counts towards your worker quota.

Take it live!

If everything works fine on the preview environment, then you are good to go. Simply run

npx wrangler publish

And now your worker is released on production and should be accessible on the assigned worker.dev domain as stated on the cli result.